Monday, March 21, 2005

LIGHTHOUSE COMMUNITY, (Lighthouse Gemeenschap)

Hi there,

I'm in a Catholic Community called Lighthouse(although we are also very much open for Protestants to be in this community!). I'm three years already in this community, ever since I came back to the Netherlands in 2001.
For me being in this community is like being in a family, where your faith is being nourished and build up by sharing with others on how we live our faith day by day. There are two cellgroups in our community, I'm with Sacha, Josef, Peter, Annemiek, Sowyen, Vinícius, Joanna, Matubatsi. We are international, we come from Germany, Curaçao, Brazil, Poland, Aruba, South Africa and offcourse Holland.
The cellgroups come together every week, (mine Monday or Tuesday), and once a month both cellgroups come together every 3rd Sunday of the month. This gattering is called CELEBRATION.
There are pictures of the latest Celebration we had.

Once a year the Lighthouse community had a weekend, this year we went to Westkappelle in Zealand; Netherlands. The house were we stayed is called Duinzicht. We had lots of fun. A time of being together as a family, of strengtening our ties with each other and to make a deeper commitment with the community.(a verbal covenant, one that God wrote on our hearts and not on a document)

The following are pictures of this weekend and the last "Celebration".


(you can grasp a bit of the times, best would be to visit us)