Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Nice weather

The last few days we had extraordinary good weather in the Netherlands.
In the Hague the temperatures were tropical, 30 degrees Celcius.
Today the weather is still fine. Today the temperature went a bit down and tomorrow it will also, but Thursday we are going to have good weather again (26 degrees).

For me as an Islander this is great. The weather in Aruba is similar at the moment. (but a bit hotter offcourse)

Thank God for this good weather!


Last Sunday 19th of June 2005. We honoured Josef as the leader of the Lighthouse community at the Celebration (a general assembly of the sharinggroups, which we do once a month).
Josef stepped down as a leader.

I pray that God will bring a new leader or leaders of the Lighthouse community.

God Bless you Josef, always!
Honouring of Josef Posted by Hello